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“We have a secret in our culture, it’s not that birth is painful, it’s that women are strong.” -Laura Stavoe Harm

How can a doula from Mindful Birth help me?


It is invaluable to have skilled, professional birth support to help you scale the mountain that is childbirth - especially if you are planning to do it in the hospital.  Our doula will advocate for your birthing preferences, create a positive environment, and model the massage and comfort measures that your birth partners wish they knew! Some of these include:

  • Support for your Birth Preferences: This is your birth, and you should have it your way! Our doula, Rachel, will serve as a hub of the latest research and support your birth choices so that you can focus on making the best decisions for you and your child. This is especially helpful in the hospital when you will be in the throws of labor and working with your baby as a team.
  • Affirmations and positive language: Rachel is skilled in using guided meditation, hypnosis, and affirmation during labor and delivery.  Her philosophy encourages the use of positive, empowering language during your birthing time.
  • Spinning Babies: Rachel has also personally studied with spinning babies.  Check out their website if you're interested in learning more.  She won't tell you what position to choose, but she will make sure that you know all of your options and encourage you to find confidence within yourself to move with your baby!
  • Rebozo/Thousand Scarves: Naseema Qochi, a midwife, taught and trained Rachel in a technique used in Afghanistan to support laboring mothers, called the thousand scarves (roughly translated).  It is very similar to the use of a rebozo in Mexico.  Learn more about it here.
  • Guided Meditation and Imagery: Your doula, Rachel, is trained in and has committed to memory scenes for guided meditation to help you remain as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Not everyone is built the same, and neither is every meditation practice. Rachel can tailor the session to your needs while in labor or record it to be used on your smart phone or iPod for those nights when it is difficult to get to sleep.
  • Massage: Most women enjoy massage between contractions in early and active labor.  Our featured doula, Rachel Winsley, is very intuitive.  She will know when to employ light touch massage, scalp massage, or hand and foot massage to stimulate oxytocin and endorphins.  These feel-good hormones balance the body and interrupt pain messages.
  • Counter-pressure: This is one of your doulas most powerful tools. Counter-pressure opens and aligns the body to help baby descend into the pelvis and relieve back labor. 
  • Serve as an example: Dads love Mindful Birth. Having a doula support you in birth also gives dad an opportunity to watch, learn, and employ skills modeled by an expert.  He can be a super-coach with his new doula-bag-of-tricks, or love you through the process while Rachel meets your needs.  It takes a lot of pressure off of your birth partner!



How much experience does Rachel have?

Overall, women who receive continuous birth support are more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births and an easier time breastfeeding. In addition, their labors are shorter and their babies are less likely to have low Apgar scores at birth.

Rachel Winsley has attended 87 births as a doula.  She spent 2 years observing birth as a language interpreter in the hospital and she was hooked!  She observed 118 births, and learned what to do and what not to do in that setting before changing careers.  Now, years after her journey began, she still can't get enough.  Check out her stats below.

  • 63 drug free natural births
  • 62 successful vaginal birth after cesarian (VBAC)
  • 7 epidurals
  • 17 births by cesarean
  • 31 high risk births with a maternal and fetal medicine specialist
  • 75 hospital births
  • 12 home births
  • 68 moms w/ an anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • 48 moms over the age of 35

What does a standard doula package include?

“Just as a woman’s heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth.” - Virginia Di Orio

Contact us for a free consultation!  Upon hire, Rachel will answer any questions you may have, via text message, about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, infant care, or postpartum recovery.   Your doula will meet with you in your home for two prenatal visits, and remain on call for your birth from 38 weeks until delivery.  She will provide birth support throughout the entire labor and birth of your child.  A few weeks after your child is born, she will come to your home for a postpartum visit and give you the story of your child's birth.  Each prenatal and postpartum visit will be two hours long, and cover the following.:

Second Prenatal Visit

  • Construct a plan for birth around your fears and concerns
  • Write a birth plan for medical providers
  • Meet with birth partner and discuss involvement
  • Practice coping techniques for birth
  • Create a postpartum plan

First Prenatal Visit


  • Medical history and intake
  • Comfort measure and touch preferences
  • Goals and birth preferences
  • Coping techniques
  • Positions for labor and birth
  • Explore birth plan options
  • Discuss what makes a good childbirth education class

Postpartum Visit


  • Troubleshoot breastfeeding issues if any
  • Provide information about infant care
  • Process the birth
  • Cover information about postpartum recovery
  • Give you the story of your child's birth!